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Ltd. Scientific-production group «RosMash»

«Scientific-production group «RosMash» Ltd. is a dynamically developing company with more than 9-year experience in the supplies and maintenance of industrial equipment.

«Scientific-production group «RosMash» Ltd. is a dynamically developing company with more than 9-year experience in the supplies and maintenance of industrial equipment. Working since 2002 we specialize in: — supplies of industrial pumps of different types and their units; — supplies of electric motors and pump machinery on their basis; — professional consulting and integrated maintenance of pumping stations; — engineering, installation and troubleshooting of pumping stations for industrial enterprises; — supplies of ventilating, power-producing and fire preventing equipment. Types of equipment: — Asynchronous three-phase electric motors for general industrial purposes. /Series: АИР, АИРМ, 5A, 4A, 4AM, AO3, A, AД, AMН, AН /. — Asynchronous three-phase crane motors. /Series: MTF, 4MTH, 4MTM, MTKF, MTKM, MTKH/. — Asynchronous three-phase explosion-proof motors. /Series: АИМ, АИМЛ, АИМР, ВА, ВАО, ВР, ВРП, 2В, 3В, ВАСО/. — Constant-current motors. /Series: 2П, 4П, 4ПН, 4ПФ/. — High-voltage electric motors for special purpose. /Series: A4, ДАЗО, СД, СДН(3), АЗМ (В,П), АКН, АОД/. — Horizontal double-mouth pumps. /Series: Д, 1Д, АД, ЦН, СЭ/. — Horizontal multistage pumps. /Series: ЦНС (Г), ЦНСК, ЦНСМ/. — Cantilever pumps. /Series: K, KM/. — Boring pumps. /Series: НБ, ЭПН(А), УН, УНБ/. — Pinion oil pumps. /Series: Ш, НМШ, НШ, НМШФ/. — Petroleum pumps. /Series: НК, НПС, ТКА, НПВ, ЦНСН, 12 (14) НДС, 8НДВ, НА/. — Gasoline pumps. /Series: АСВН, АСЦЛ, ВК ©, КМ (Е)/. — Sewage pumps. /Series: СМ, СД, СДВ, ФГП, СМС, НЦИ(Ф), ЦМК, ИРТЫШ, ГНОМ, БМ, СМО, СМОВ/. — Soil pumps. /Series: ГраТ, ГраК, Гру, ПР, ПРВП, ПКВП, ПБ/. — Feed-pumps. /Series: ПЭ, ЦВК/. — Vacuum pumps. /Series: ВВН, АВЗ, НВЗ, 2НВР/. — Chemical pumps. /Series: Х, АХ, АХП, ХП, ХМ/. — Condensate pumps. /Series: КС, 1КС, КСВ, КСВА/. Developing our business we place high emphasis on supporting honest relations based on common respect and partnership. Among our partners today are more than thirty industrial enterprises, such as «URALGIDROMASH», «LIVGIDROMASH», «VIPOM» (Bulgaria), «Svessk Pump Building Plant», «Lebedyansk Mashine Building Plant», «Kataysk Pump Building Plant», «ELDIN», «Valdaysk Mechanical Plant» and many other companies. In order to get further information or ask any question regarding our services call our office or send us an e-mail message.

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Country: RUSSIA
City: St. Petersburg
Address: 47, Marshall Govorov’s street, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.
Phone: +7 (812) 331-96-49
Fax: +7 (812) 331-96-49
E-mail: alemayakov@yandex.ru
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